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i know the faces don’t look like Sam and Dean at all,. but well, i tried ..

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I have a habit of comparing supernatural lore between different tv shows…

In Charmed, there are horsemen in one of the episodes because of the apocalypse, which makes me think of the horsemen in Supernatural. Then there’s vampires; I watch Supernatural and see their vamps, then think of how in Buffy and Angel the vamps faces completely morphed. Oh, and their fangs are way different. Then there was the Wendigo in Charmed, which was different than the Wendigo in Supernatural.

If there was ever a sign that I watch too much tv, then this is it. Either that or my recent obsession with Supernatural has forced me to compare every other show to it…

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I’ve been bad about keeping up with Big Time Rush this season..

I only saw the first couple of episodes.  Anybody know where I can watch season 2 episodes up until now online?

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I’m liking this new show The Voice

Is Stefano from Days Of Our Lives in Jaws 2..?

I think I saw him; well a much younger version of him. Lol

A while back I started watching The Tudors, then stopped watching for one reason or another..

I really don’t know why because I’m pretty much in love with Henry VIII and the legacy of the Tudors.  Anyways, I’m going to make it my goal to watch the entire series (or all the episodes that have been aired thus far) during my Spring Break.  Look at me being productive with my time!

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